Summer activities

While most of the robotics activity happens during the school year there are a lot of activities going on.

The three largest Library programs are still meeting. Brandywine Hundred is in their 4th week of programming their IQ robots using Modkit. The Rt 9 Library and Innovation Center starts their programming sessions on 23 July at 6PM.

The Bear Library is playing some new games to get driver skills up. They have grown, they have about 15 roboteers each week. I’m going to go on Monday 9 June to teach a small group that already knows Scratch, so teaching Modkit will go pretty easy.

For those at the northern border, the Claymont Library is holding an interest lesson on the 14th of August. If you are looking for a place to build VEXIQ robots, Claymont is a good place to start.

If you are an event partner, or thinking about starting a new team and want to hold an event, the Event Partners Meeting is the place to be. Meeting times are 10AM – 2PM on 9 July. We are excited about new events and looking forward to having an event at the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore Campus.

The STEM Robotics team is working on pulling materials together for fall. There are some exciting new components for both VRC and VEXIQ teams. We’ll be posting about them in the coming weeks.

And has you can see the site is pretty plain, so if you have robot pictures you’d like to share let Foster know.