Rolling Storage Cart

Rolling Drawer Stand

We all know that VRC and VRQ is made up of thousands of little parts. I’ve been sorting and resorting parts for over 10 years.

Across that time I’ve come across two things I love.

First the Plano Store-n-go system. They make a few different models. They have storage for 2,3 or 4 of their divider tray and a huge open section for putting larger parts (battery chargers, joysticks, etc.

I have a shelf full of them, broken down by what I need (or think I’ll need) at the time.

For the lab I needed something a little easier to manage, so I built this rolling cart out of Ikea IVAR 48″ sides (2 for $22 and 5 of the 16×14″ shelves $9 each. On the bottom are 4 Ikea Rill Casters (4 for $10), and across the back is a pair of cross braces. All up just under $90 to build.

It hold any set of boxes that you can find at Harbor Freight, or any fishing / tackle store. HF sells them at $3.99, but I wait until I get the $2.99 coupon and stock up.

Depending on the thickness of the boxes, this unit can store 20-23 boxes. It’s very mobile and doesn’t wobble. The cross braces along the back keep trays from sliding out the back. If I was going to push it a long distance on not flat floors, I’d do two diagonal bungees across the front.

There is a screw that goes through the caster into the bottom shelf to hold it into place and give some extra support. I’m still working on shelf placement, when done I’ll most likely run a screw through the side and into the shelf. After two months of it rolling around there hasn’t been any issues.