Mt Pleasant Elementary “Next Level” Results

Mt Pleasant Elementary was host of the largest event this season with 22 teams in attendance.

Roboteers have a few events of experience so there were more high scores and some new modifications that are starting to appear.

Overall averages were up this week. Today’s high score was 18, with hangs and scoring both bonus hubs stacked! At the end of the qualifications the standings were:

Ranking Team Name Average Score
1 Lombardy Google 13
2 Claymont Boeing 12.67
3 Lombardy Tesla 11.89
4 Maple Lane Rocky 11.0
5 Hanby Beetles 10.89

In the finals the 9th alliance of Claymont Lenovo and Pixar surprised the crowd with their 14 point showing. (Their prior averages were 7 and 8 points). Their lead held for 4 more finals when the third alliance of Hanby Beetles and Claymont Tesla tied them. In the tie breaker Tesla and the Beetles had three more points.

The Tournament Winners were Claymont Boeing and Lombardy Google with a high of 19.

Second place teams were Hanby Beetles and Claymont Tesla.

On the judged award side, the Claymont Lenovo robot took the design award with their fork with gears supporting the inside edge. They were able to make some last minute parks with the setup. They are also working on a motor driven hook that shows promise.

The build award went to the Hanby Hornets for their combo H drive and four bar linkage. The judges chose Maple Lane Shadow Knights for their unique scoop along the front.

Thanks to Mary Flowers and Jackie Chesworth our lead mentors and the staff of Mt Pleasant Elementary for pulling off such a great event. Thanks to the five parents that pitched in to be score keepers. And to Michell Kutch and Jason Heller for being our announcer and making sure the event ran smoothly.

Thanks to Steve and Foster from STEM Robotics keeping all the electronics and scoring running smoothly. And a special thanks to all the teams that brought fields to the event.

Our next IQ events are the first weekend in March with 1 March being the Claymont Friday night event and 2 March at Georgetown Elementary.