Vexcode: Programming Tank and Arcade driving in Blocks.

Demonstrations and examples of Vexcode Blocks programming for driving, using ranging sensors for claw height and for forward distance.

We covered using the MyBlocks to simplify the code. Using those MyBlocks – we printed out sensor readings (range finder values and joystick values), we created a tank drive block and an arcade driving block.

We also proved that the “drivetrain” block does not handle turns correctly, particularly when it doesn’t have an inertial sensor configured. We made this proof by printing out the joystick values as we drove, and the turn was erractic.

The Vexcode Blocks coding will work with either the V5 or the IQ controllers – so feel free to join. If this would be your first time – email me at, and I’ll invite you to the Zoom.

Download the code from the session