Rt 9 Library Innobots “Next Level” results

The Rt 9 Library and Innovation Center was the venue for their annual event “Innobots”. This years event almost doubled in size with 14 teams in attendance. We ran two fields in the Blackbox theater so each team got a chance to play with all the other teams.

About a third of the teams had been to prior events, Saturday was the debut of all the Lancashire teams, Team Orion, Prometheus and our host robots from Rt 9 Library, Savage and Newton.

Today’s high score was 18, with hangs and scoring both bonus hubs stacked! At the end of the qualifications the standings were:

Ranking Team Name Average Score
1 Claymont Boeing 10.56
2 Claymont Tesla 9.11
3 Hanby Beetles 8.44
4 Team Orion 7.67
5 Hanby Hornets 7.67
6 Lancashire Gazels 7.56

The 7 finals runs went very fast. The second seed of Hanby Hornets and the Lancashire Gazelles showcased the Hornets ability to high hang to score a 12., The Claymont duo of Tesla and Boeing in the last finals racked up a 12 to TIE! A tie breaker had Gazelles / Hornets scoring 10 for a total of 22. Tesla and Boeing came back with a strong 12 to take the event with 24 points.

Team Orion took the build award with the unique drive base and arm, the robot can push two and carry one hub at a time. The judges award went to Rt 9 Savage for their simplistic arm and scoop. The extended arm and pointer was able to flip both bonus hubs off in most matches.

Thanks to Pam Stevens for running the event!

Our Referees: Jessi Glassco & Shuntea Langley

Staff support from: Yumarys Polanco-Miller, Albert Grant, Robin Kondzielawa and Shante Watson

Thanks to STEM Robotics: Steve and Foster for producing the event.

See you at the next event on Saturday 9 February at Mt Pleasant Elementary School from 8:30 until 3 PM